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Do You Meet Our Investment Model?

Our investment offer is aimed at companies that are established in the market and have high earnings potential. We support medium-sized companies in all industries with a strong niche position and a clear unique selling point that offer innovative products/services.


The following requirements must also be met:

  • Established business with approximately 5+ years of operation.

  • Turnover 1-40 million euros.

  • Experienced, motivated and competent managers with extensive knowledge of the market.

  • Equity base greater than 25%+ (after MUB participation).

Current Partners

Current Partners-min.jpg

Potential Partners

Image by Victoria Heath

MUD GmbH offers a valuable relationship with our clients, with support through our large network with banks, associations, and authorities and can also refer to experience from numerous investments in different industries.

Our work is characterized by reliability, innovative spirit, speed, flexibility, growth orientation and sustainability.

We have always supported medium-sized companies in using potential more efficiently, optimizing value chains and making innovations profitable.

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